The Blue Rabbit 2.0 modular system offers you a multitude of options and combinations. Fitting any budget and garden space, and suitable for children of all ages. Towers expanded with climbing or swing modules will be fun for toddlers and challenging for youngsters. Budget friendly freestanding swings fulfill the range.

KBT slides and accessories of your choice complete the wooden play structures. The KBT catalogue covers the most extensive, diverse and complete range of accessories known in the market, which allows you to create your own personal style and unique colour configurations.

All play tower models can be constructed with a platform height 1.2 m or 1.5 m. You can choose to sell one specific platform height, or you can choose to offer both platform heights.

The building box is the same for both platform heights. Per tower design there is one building box to be combined with a wood package as specified for the desired platform height. Our clear wood cutting lists specify the wood packages for both platform heights of each play structure. All practical info can be found in the seperate product data sheets or in the bundled wood cutting list.

Remember to supply the correct size KBT slide for each platform height.

The Blue Rabbit 2.0 range is cleverly designed to accommodate the most commonly available wood sections on the market. This flexibility gives you the freedom to supply the wood sections of your choice.

A maximum of 5 different wood sizes are required to build all the different Blue Rabbit 2.0 play structures. For each of these wood sizes, a dimensional range is specified in which you will find the sections of your preference.

The type of wood to be used should be slow growing wood, pressure treated, planed with smooth edges.

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