The new Blue Rabbit 2.0 range is a ready-to-sell solution to offer residential play equipment structures for your customers. The new total package range includes various play towers, swings and extension modules. Each of them with an original and distinctive design, yet adaptable to fit any budget and available garden space.

A high grade of flexibility allows you to choose between various modalities according your own infrastructure and to meet your local market demands.

We supply building boxes containing all the high quality components required, including step by step instructions on how to build the play structures. Blue Rabbit 2.0 does not supply the wood package. As a dealer, you supply the matching wood packages.

The wood package of each play structure is fully specified by us in a clear wood cutting list. The play constructions are cleverly designed in such a way that you have maximum flexibility in wood sections.

A KBT slide and accessories of your choice complete the play structures. Both are available separately. The KBT catalogue covers the most extensive, diverse and complete range of accessories known in the market. With these accessories you can develop your personal style and unique colour configurations.

The key to success of the new Blue Rabbit 2.0 range is its specific design for both the traditional and internet retail market. Limited investment and startup costs are faced when setting up distribution of the Blue Rabbit 2.0 range.

Investing in an expensive photo shoot is not necessary as we offer you a large database of stunning images to boost your marketing goals. You can use these pictures for your own brochures, website, posters and leaflets. Contact us for more details. 

To guarantee the highest level of quality and safety, all of the play structures are checked, tested and certified by TÜV Nord.

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